The Love of Salsa


Learn to Dance Salsa, Bachata, Merengue on the Sunshine Coast


Salsa dancing is an international dance that can be found in most metropolitan cities in the world.


People take up salsa for any number of reasons. I decided to become a salsa dancer through a combination of needing to broaden my social interactions, and being fascinated at how salsa dancers who, having never met before, can dance together without rehearsing.


Salsa dance socials are commonly held by Sunny Coast Salsa throughout each month to give everyone a place to dance with great atmosphere for all levels of dancers from beginners to intermediate.


You don’t need a dance partner to learn to dance salsa. Salsa has a great social element where the majority of dancers come without partners, like most Latin dance classes you rotate partners throughout the lesson, this is great not only to make new friends quickly but it keeps you from falling into bad habits that you would otherwise not notice dancing with just one partner.


Sharing the experience of movement and music with your significant other can be very powerful and satisfying. Dancing can bring couples closer together, and since salsa is flirtatious, it can inject sensuality and romance into your relationship. 


Why spend your Friday night on the couch?
Come join us and Salsa the night away!

6 Benifits to dancing

1: Social benefit – You’ll meet new and interesting people dancing than any other singles night at a bar or club and make new friends fast and easy well learning something new in a fun environment.

2: Confidence – Dancing will help with your confidence in talking with people and having a joke you’ll become more comfortable in yourself.

3: Self Expression – The ability to express yourself with another person is beautiful, exciting and passionate. Salsa will help fulfil this basic human need that you may not even know you have.

4: Weight loss – Dancing salsa will make you feel better about yourself when you’re losing weight and having fun burning on average 600 calories an hour. Most people wish they had started dancing earlier.

5: Coordination and Posture – after learning to dance properly you’ll notice and so will others that you hold yourself in a more upright position and walk with a sense of purpose, you’ll feel lighter on your feet and move with fluidity.

6: Happiness and fulfilment – Lots of people come up to me and ask do you think I can learn to dance and the answer is yes everyone can learn to dance young or old we all can find our rhythm and match it with movement. Not everyone will become the greatest dancer in the world, but everyone has something to gain from dancing, some will be affected more than others, some will try it and move on, but everyone needs to make an attempt to step out of there comfort zone and give salsa a try.

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